House rules

Dear guests, In principle we do not have house rules, we assume that you treat our belongings as if they were yours.

If something does happen, damage, something broken, please report this!

If you are in the room and you think you see something that is not supposed to be, please report this immediately?

The owner can deny and/or refuse guests access to Bed & Breakfast 'OpdeParkkamp' with immediate effect in the event of violation of these General Terms and Conditions and in the event of inappropriate behaviour, without further notification and statement of reasons and without refund of the accommodation costs. Guests of Bed & Breakfast 'OpdeParkkamp' must adhere to the General Terms and Conditions and the House Rules.

Noise nuisance, especially between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., should be prevented. Use by third parties of the accommodation is not allowed. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in Bed & Breakfast 'Aan de Schakelweg' without permission from the manager and without additional payment. Smoking is not allowed.

The house must be left tidy and swept clean on departure. Displaced objects, both indoors and outdoors, should be returned to their original location. Treat garbage in accordance with the house rules.

Regards, Huib & Anja